Stephen Lawless


Stephen Lawless was Director of Production for the Glyndebourne Touring Opera from 1986 to 1991, where his work culminated in an immensely successful production of Death in Venice, which was subsequently recorded by the BBC for television and video release. He made his début with the Kirov Opera in Leningrad producing Boris Godunov which was broadcast live on British television, the first ever live telecast of an opera from the Soviet Union to the UK. He has directed throughout the world including The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden; the Vienna State Opera; La Fenice, Venice; the Berlin Staatsoper; The Metropolitan Opera, New York; Chicago Lyric Opera; New York City Opera, Los Angeles; San Francisco; Washington; Beijing; Seoul and the Hong Kong and New Zealand Festivals



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    19 Nov 13 STRAUSS Salome
    Portland Opera

    “Until seeing this production—stunning in every respect, including the singer of the title role—I had almost forgotten how irresistibly beautiful Salome is… One of the most effective touches, in a production whose imaginative innovations never worked against the sense of the opera, was the way Salome repeatedly and tantalizingly postponed lifting the cloche from the silver platter bearing the head of Jochanaan. Another was director Stephen Lawless’s idea of expanding the usual single dancer with seven veils to seven identically veiled dancers—Salome plus one. They swirled rapidly on and off stage in succession, in the process intensifying Herod’s already perfervid fantasies…Altogether, then, this was not merely the best production of Salome I have ever witnessed. It ranks high among the productions I’ve seen of any opera.”
    Bernard Jacobson, Seen and Heard, 19 November 2013